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Ellen Bishop


Science Playtime Series

February 26, March 11 & 25, April 8 & 22

all at 9:30 am

Bring your preschool-aged kids to Wallowology for some fun. We will alternate between guided science activities and explorative play.

Check back often for updates and new events!

Walk on the Wild Side!

February 20, 7pm

An introduction to tracking animals in the wild, by Jaszu Borzencki, BA Biology and Biochemistry.

Talk will include tracking formulas, detailed photos, gait patterns and more.


Schedule:  See Calendar

Wallowology invites regional scientists to share their knowledge. Once or twice a month, we fill our evening exhibit hall with chairs, cookies, slides, and dozens of guests. From slide shows to natural history, visitors can expect knowledgeable speakers on pertinent local topics in a wide range of sciences.


Preschool-aged kids are invited to Wallowology for some fun Science Playtime, now through April! Led by Bre Austin.


2020 dates:

February 26, March 11 & 25, April 8 & 22, all at 9:30 am


C.O.D.E. Green (Children Outdoors Discovering & Exploring) alternates between guided science activities and explorative play in and outside of the Discovery Center. Adult supervision required.


Seasonal, May through September
Fridays: 3:30-5:30 p.m. from Wallowology Discovery Center
Saturdays: From Wallowa Lake Lodge, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Enlightening. Opportunistic. Engaging. Flexible. Learning about the Wallowa country can be all these. Discovery Walks match participants with a resident naturalist for a morning walk. These can be many things: rambles with kids through the Lodge grounds, wandering up old moraines with curious visitors, or marches up Hurricane creek hunting basalt. There is knowledge, and the capacity for awe, everywhere on landscape. We invite you to join us in finding it.


Schedule:  See Calendar

If an event won’t fit in an evening talk, or is more structured than a walk, it's a special event. It might be a longer hike, a party, a workshop, a school visit or maybe an off-site tour. We’ve teamed up with groups of all types: schools, land trusts, astronomy clubs, farms, hiking clubs, research groups. We advertise the events, and often help lead them.