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C.O.D.E. Green (Children Outdoors Discovering & Exploring) alternates between online activities and explorative play in and outside of the Discovery Center.

Adult supervision is required in the center.

Playtimes in the center have been cancelled for the near future, but we offer online activities you can use, below.

Have fun and be safe!


Iwetemlaykin is the Nez Perce name for this area of the Wallowa Lake basin near Joseph. Pronounced ee-weh-TEMM-lye-kinn, the property is next to the site of Old Chief Joseph Gravesite and Cemetery, a part of the Nez Perce National Historical Park.

Wallowology has created this two-page map that you can pick up at our Discovery Center, or download it here and print it yourself. It will help you enjoy this special park.

Discover Iwetemlaykin Park!



Spring brings the promise of growth.

Swollen rivers, blooming flowers, growing food and expanding gardens- all things that mark this time of year.


While we continue to acknowledge the greatness of nature apart from each other, Wallowology would like to invite you to celebrate spring by learning more about pollinators.


These pollinators are waking up and working hard, contributing to spring growth alongside the rest of us.

Wallowology and Wallowa Resources are both posting printable activities on our websites so you can have fun and learn about pollinators online!

US Forest Service

Click images below to view some printable activities by Wallowology!

Wallowa Resources will soon have more on their web site here.

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Wasps and their nests

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