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Recent Initiatives

Wallowa Country Conservation in the News
Protecting Forests is Protecting Water

A study published in the journal Nature shows that strategically increasing protected forests in the western US would provide climate mitigation, biodiversity protection, and water security, and that forests in Oregon are a high priority for protection. In Oregon alone, 80% of drinking water comes from forested landscapes, and protection would help address water scarcity and provide security in the face of climate change.

Read the full OPB article here.

Nez Perce
Wallowa Lake Conservation Easement

Like the planetary conjunction on December's Winter Solstice, we have already experienced our own “great conjunction” of land and science successes right here in the Wallowa Country. We were thrilled to announce the Conservation Easement for lands surrounding the Wallowa Lake Lodge with the Nez Perce Tribe. 

Tribe Comes Home to Am’ saax pa

After years of keeping the conservation idea alive, the recent acquisition of the Hayes Century Farm by the Nez Perce Tribe became a dream come true for them in December.

Read about it in the Chieftain HERE

Read about it in the La Grande Observer HERE

Read about it in the Seattle Times HERE

Read about it in Indian Country Today HERE

Education and Research Thrives During the Pandemic

We also published the first study on large tree carbon stores in Eastside forests and continued the educational endeavors of Wallowology Discovery Center during a global pandemic. These seemingly impossible accomplishments all happened in 2020 because of your support!

Moraine.small.-Leon Werdinger.jpg
East Moraine Campaign Preserves a Local Treasure

We are also grateful for the incredible successes of our sister organizations this year, especially the Campaign for the East Moraine of Wallowa Lake, led by the Wallowa Land Trust. We have seen great progress toward securing the natural character, cultural values, and scenic splendor of the Wallowa Lake Basin, and have witnessed what our community can achieve when we work together to prioritize conservation. 

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