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Wallowology in the News, and Updates on our People and Projects!
Exploring STEM opportunies at EOU

From the La Grande Observer April 10, 2017

Wallowology's Director of Life Sciences and Eastern Oregon University professor of Biology Karen Antell talks about her students, her many environmental projects, and her commitment to promoting science and providing hands-on fieldwork opportunities...and keeping it fun.

“If it isn’t fun we aren’t doing it right,” Karen Antell said of her hands-on approach to science.

Spring has arrived at the Wallowa Lake Lodge. Read about it here!

April 7 Entry by Ellen Morris Bishop

From the blog: It’s been a long cold winter.  But with spring just around the corner, historic Wallowa Lake Lodge’s new owners are preparing enthusiastically for their Friday, April 28th opening—one of the earliest opening dates in the Lodge’s century-long history.

On the grounds are subtle signs of a great and glorious Spring. Moss, fungi and lichen, welcome harbingers of warmer weather, color the early spring landscape. Read more about them in the Lodge blog!

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