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To Wallowology's Discovery Center

Girl and Eagle2.crop.jpg

Today we offer a big shout-out to Rick McEwan, photographer extraordinaire, for his vision, talent and hard work.  Rick takes amazing photos for our popular Birds of Prey exhibit


Each summer more people visit the Birds of Prey exhibit and have profound moments of connection. 

But Rick is only partly responsible for our expanding impact.  Only with your support can we design, build and install these exhibits, staff and keep the exhibits open to the public.  You make the difference between idea and reality. You make it all possible.


 Rick McEwan

Would you do us the honor of making a generous year-end gift? Thank You! 

Your donation will be made securely using PayPal. Major credit cards are accepted

Wallowology is committed to encouraging people to care for our landscape through education. If you believe in this mission, help support us with a contribution!

Your contributions are fully tax-deductible. Wallowology is a public education project of the Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation based in Joseph, Oregon. (EIN: 46-5536585)

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