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To Wallowology's Discovery Center

Rick McEwan

Here at Wallowology, we believe science matters. When people understand the science behind a beautiful place, they are better able to appreciate and protect it.

That's why we offer engaging exhibits about our region's ecology, world-class presentations on topics from global warming to native birds, and scientist-guided outings for the local 

community and thousands of visitors. 

Each year more people visit our discovery center – the only science center of it kind for hundreds of miles. People are hungry for what we offer.

Will you help us continue this innovative and successful experiment by making a year-end contribution today?

Please consider enrolling in Wallowology’s Gaining Ground Club monthly giving  program.
A monthly donation is the best way to sustain these children’s programs and gives us security to navigate the future.

Your donation will be made securely. Major credit cards are accepted

Wallowology is committed to encouraging people to care for our landscape through education. If you believe in this mission, help support us with a contribution!

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