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Snake River in Winter

David Jensen


Help residents and visitors, children and families learn more about Eastern Oregon’s wild landscapes through Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands' Wallowology activities and research projects. Your contributions are fully tax deductible.



We offer family-friendly activities and short hikes we call Discovery Walks, as well as longer day-hikes and opportunities to tour ranches and local nature sites. We want to connect you with the wild landscapes of the Wallowa Country!


Since 2014, we've created many  exhibits about the natural and cultural history of the Wallowa Country.

Discover why Northeast Oregon is so unique: canyons, grasslands, plants, animals, rivers, forests, lakes, moraines, and the geology of it all!


Where We Go From Here

Due to state regulations in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Wallowology Discovery Center will be closed until further notice.

This includes, we are sad to say, the wonderful CODE Green for kids programs that Bre Austin has coordinated all winter. We do plan for a robust summer season with new exhibits and regular hours, but of course that's subject to change.  Meanwhile we'll continue with electronic communications, and welcome your suggestions and offerings for online engagement opportunities. We will continue to offer frequent posts on our outstanding Facebook page.


As an outdoors-focused organization, we hope to take advantage of our beautiful backcountry and get out into the natural world, and encourage you to do the same.  We're lucky to live in the American West, where Big Country invites healthy outdoor activities that people can engage in at safe distances. In these uncertain times, we're also fortunate to be part of a community that has always cultivated internal fortitude and grit as well as flexibility and good humor, with an instinct to support one another. In that spirit, we continue. 

Science Playtime at Wallowology's C.O.D.E. Green program (Children Outdoors Discovering & Exploring).

Rick McEwan

What Are We Up To?

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Wallowology Discovery Center opened to the public in June 2014.  At our Natural History Discovery Center in downtown Joseph, Where Art Meets Science, we invite participants to explore and discover Eastern Oregon's lands and waters through exhibits, workshops, outings, and evening presentations by scientists, artists and others.

Wallowology is the public education division of Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands, a corporation whose purposes are scientific, educational, and charitable. Based in science and education, EOLL's natural and cultural history programs include research, conservation planning, and policy development.

Mission: To inform, inspire, and involve residents and visitors in the conservation of ecosystems and landscapes that support and sustain rural communities throughout Eastern Oregon.

508 N. Main St.

(Mail: PO Box 666) 

Joseph, Oregon 97846

Tel: (541) 263-1663


Summer Hours:

Open 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Tue. - Sun.

Memorial Weekend through September

Winter Hours: By Appointment

No Charge for Admission!