Winter, Snake River Canyon

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Help residents and visitors, children and families learn more about Eastern Oregon’s wild landscapes through Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands' Wallowology activities and research projects. Please donate to Wallowology today!


The Discovery Center is now closed for the season

Fall and Winter we are open by appointment and for special events

Please see our online activities for kids below!


We offer family-friendly activities and short hikes we call Discovery Walks, as well as longer day-hikes and opportunities to tour ranches and local nature sites. We want to connect you with the wild landscapes of the Wallowa Country!


Since 2014, we've created many  exhibits about the natural and cultural history of the Wallowa Country.

Discover why Northeast Oregon is so unique: canyons, grasslands, plants, animals, rivers, forests, lakes, moraines, and the geology of it all!


Winter Solstice Caps a Year to Remember

As this year of uncertainty draws to a close, nature will gift us with a “great conjunction” of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21, creating the appearance of a single bright star.

Despite the challenges of 2020, we've seen some bright moments here in the Wallowa Country too, including a Conservation Easement for lands surrounding the Wallowa Lake Lodge with the Nez Perce Tribe. And it could not have happened without you!

To read about these achievements and more, click HERE.  

Wallowology Wishes You a Happy Holiday and New Year!

Explore & Discover!

Because Coronavirus safety protocols limit our usual activities, Wallowology is augmenting those programs with printable maps and other web resources so you and your kids can learn more about our environment and get inspired to explore outside.

Online Learning Resources and Activities!

Until we can learn, create and play together in one space again, Wallowology's CODE Green program will be providing science learning kits for youth. Nature journaling, owl pellets, rock painting or tree ring counting- many different kits will be available throughout the seasons. Go to the activities below and download them to print at home. This week's activity: Mammoths!

US Forest Service

Wallowa County is home to many different Birds of Prey, including numerous species of Owls. Learn about them and where to find them! It's a hoot!

Learn All About Owls!

Mammoths, especially the Columbian mammoth roamed widely in North America, including Eastern Oregon. Learn more about them and make your own folding Mammoth!

Science Playtime at Wallowology's C.O.D.E. Green program (Children Outdoors Discovering & Exploring).

Rick McEwan

Much About Mammoths!

What Are We Up To?

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Wallowology Discovery Center opened to the public in June 2014.  At our Natural History Discovery Center in downtown Joseph, Where Art Meets Science, we invite participants to explore and discover Eastern Oregon's lands and waters through exhibits, workshops, outings, and evening presentations by scientists, artists and others.

Wallowology is the public education division of Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands, a nonprofit corporation whose purposes are scientific, educational, and charitable. Based in science and education, EOLL's natural and cultural history programs include research, conservation planning, and policy development.

Mission: To inform, inspire, and involve residents and visitors in the conservation of ecosystems and landscapes that support and sustain rural communities throughout Eastern Oregon.


Winter Hours: By Appointment

Summer Hours:  10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Fri. & Sat. • June through September

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